M&A Advice to Investors
We work with corporate, qualified individuals and families as investors by introducing them primarily the late-stage VC and early private equity investment opportunities as an asset class that works towards achieving their investment portfolio target returns and more balanced asset holdings. We like to take minority stakes in the investments that we recommend to our clients and tend to focus on high-growth sectors such as life sciences, healthtech, biotech and advanced methods of treatment.
Structuring/Legal Advice
& Management
We help the entrepreneurs, qualified individual investors as well as corporates with the legal expertise at multiple levels. This starts from protecting their intellectual property against a third-party challenge in the early rounds of investment to the optimal choice of the platform jurisdiction to regulatory challenges in the launch into the new markets, from structuring the limited partners' participation vis-à-vis their personal or family business circumstances to building the optimal path towards the optimal exit.
Supporting Entrepreneurs
We help the selected businesses to raise to the next level with the help of our expert networks consisting of current of former CEOs, Board Members and Division Heads bringing with them the vast expertise and connections needed for growth of the companies in our and our investors' portfolio.
Capital Raising
We can deploy "smart" capital to our portfolio companies when and where it is mostly needed. We work very closely with the entrepreneurs and their businesses by taking board seats and close monitoring of the investments we or our investors are making.
Theoros Captial works with both qualified investors and entrepreneurs and their companies at all levels of the investment process.
We mostly work with businesses that have already demonstrated that they have a workable proven business model and are ready for scaling up with the help of the new "smart" capital injection from sophisticated investors or specialized VC/PE backers. What we do is help the founders and investors alike to take such business to the next level with the help of own and third-party capital and deep expertise in alternative investment. We are unique in offering in this process the optimal legal, structuring and investment solutions of any complexity in multiple jurisdictions.
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